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When it comes to selling Alliston Townhouses, there are a few things you can do to prepare your unit to make it more appealing to prospective buyers. Here are some tips to help you (and your Realtor) prepare your Alliston townhome for a successful sale.Another Sold By The Mortimer Team


Price This is a major point that will affect the sale of your townhome. If your townhome is... priced competitively according to the local market, your days on the market should be relatively short. Your real estate professional is your industry resource, and they know the local market best, so it’s a good idea to follow their advice about where to price your townhome.

Effective Lighting Get rid of those dim energy efficient bulbs!  Those CFL (compact florescent lights) are great for the environment and do wonders for saving electricity and cutting costs but don't light up a room very bright during showings.  Well thought out uses of lighting help make a dark or small room seem larger, and will also help open up the space. Using light strategically throughout your townhome for photos and showings will not only ensure the unit is well-lit, but that it’s showcased it at its most appealing.

Bust the Clutter Knickknacks, pictures, magazines, and other items you like and live with may be scattered throughout your townhome, but by reducing or removing the clutter entirely it will help prospective buyers see more of the home and not your stuff. Tuck extraneous ‘extras’ into drawers, or get your packing started early with items you don’t need that may help de-clutter your townhome’s appearance.

Garage – removing clutter from your garage and organizing it properly will enhance the appeal of your unit.  People want to know that they have “space” to move in and that they have room for their belongings.

Furniture If you think you’ve got too much, put some into storage. You may want to reorganize your furniture so that larger items are situated around the outside walls to add space, and guests see the focal point from the room’s entry.

Odours Plug-in air fresheners and scented candles can add pleasant smells and atmosphere to your townhome, but can also be overwhelming. You don't want every real estate agent in Alliston remembering the house with the unpleasant odour. When you’re living in your home while it’s on the market, try odour-neutralizing products to reduce any cooking odours that may linger.

Take Your Pet With You When A Showing Takes PlacePets –
Send Fluffy to a day spa or take her out while your townhome is being shown, and move any pet dishes, beds, and toys. Additionally, pets can have a distinct odour that can be challenging to remove. Pet stores have specialty products designed to deal with pet odours that will help.

Wall Accessories – When items are proportionate to the room and wall’s size, it further helps to open up the space. Adding mirrors will not only help with this, but will also reflect light to brighten the room.

Organize Closets and Storage – Storage and closets are important to all buyers, and they’re sure to be a place that will be looked at. Organize this space as well as you can, clear out some of your clothes if necessary (again, get a head-start on your packing) to create a neat, uncluttered presentation.

You don’t have to completely reorganize your life to sell your townhome, but incorporating some or all of these tips will help make the process quicker and easier for you. The Mortimer Team will work with you to help you prepare you’re Alliston townhome for sale, including open houses, photos and showings, and can recommend services such as professional cleaners and stagers if needed.Alliston's Number One Team For Selling Townhouses

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